CFA Member Benefits


CFA Member Benefits
Learn about the advantages of being a CFA member

All CSU faculty enjoy the employment benefits provided under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement that CFA negotiates with CSU management for all of us.

When you become a California Faculty Association member, you become a vital part of a community of faculty striving to protect our profession, advocate for our university system, and stand up for our students.

The CFA Chapter on your campus, which is led by faculty members like you, organizes education and outreach on the pressing topics that face us, as well as social events so we can get to know our colleagues and campus community. CFA members have the right to vote on CFA chapter leaders and delegates to the semi-annual CFA Assemblies.

CFA is affiliated with the AAUP, CTA/NEA and SEIU, each of which provide some benefits. CFA members are automatically members of CTA/NEA and SEIU. CFA members can request to become members of AAUP for free.

CFA members also enjoy a variety of discounts, programs and special offers that add up to substantial savings.

To take advantage of these offers, you identify yourself as a CFA member when you contact the provider. Only CFA members are eligible for these and other benefits.

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This benefits information supplied is by CFA and our affiliates. We strive to keep this information up to date; however it is advised that you call the numbers listed for updates and changes. Product or service quality is not guaranteed by CFA; that is the sole responsibility of the vendor.