Chapter Post

Executive Board Spotlight: Chapter President Darel Engen

A note from Darel Engen, Associate Professor, Department of History, and CFA-CSUSM Chapter President:

As Chapter President, I attend Fall and Spring statewide assembly meetings, kickoffs, and Chapter President retreats.  I also participate in monthly conference calls with other campus Chapter Presidents.

My primary recurring responsibilities on our campus are as follows:

  • preparing agendas for and leading bi-weekly campus chapter E-Board meetings
  • attending weekly meetings of the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate as an ex-officio member
  • attending and presenting the CFA report at the monthly Academic Senate meeting as an ex-officio member
  • participating in monthly Labor-Management meetings with the Provost, VP for Faculty Affairs, and Dean of CHABSS
  • overseeing the arrangement of and serving as emcee for a variety of CFA campus events, including workshops, guest speakers, marches, protests, and teach-ins
  • sending out occasional emails to faculty informing them about important issues and notifying them about upcoming CFA events
  • responding to faculty questions and concerns expressed either on the CFA faculty email listserv or through private correspondence with me
  • expanding CFA membership through email appeals, hall walking, and office visits
  • serving a two-year term.


The position of CFA Chapter President is a rewarding experience because it allows one to be an active advocate and organizer concerning issues vital to the well being of faculty, students, and the CSU mission of affordable, quality public higher education.  It requires no little effort, time, patience, and political savvy, but I feel good about the work I do and enjoy the opportunity both to work alongside other committed CFA activists for a common cause and to get to know my faculty colleagues on our campus and throughout the CSU system to an extent I could not do otherwise.