Chapter Post

Executive Board Spotlight: Chapter Vice President and Lecturer Representative Pam Redela


  CFA e-board Vice President is a great position for Lecturer faculty who are interested in deepening their understanding of the CSU System and their unique place in it.  I am truly invigorated by meeting with colleagues from across all 23 campuses at the assemblies.  For me, it is important and beneficial to be active in CFA because we are participating in work that impacts not only our livelihoods, but the profession at large.

  The VP attends Fall and Spring statewide assembly meetings and bi-weekly campus meetings.  VP also participates in monthly conference calls with other Membership Chairs.

  As VP of our campus chapter, I help design CFA campus programming and conduct member education and recruitment efforts.  CFA gives workshops for new-hires, pension and benefits, unconscious bias and organizes other activities for member and university community awareness like tabling, informational picketing, special speaker events, and socials.  I serve a two year term.