CFA Fresno Membership


We know workload is of great concern for our members at Fresno State.

What issues are the members we represent facing? For example, we know that class size increases can add to workload. However, there are also many other factors related to workload that have to do with formal and informal teaching, advising, scholarship, service, recruitment of athletes, counseling of students, and performing library services.

Although our contract has provisions that address workload issues through the grievance process, one of the advantages of a faculty union is that we can address problems and get administration to make changes through our collective actions on the campus when we organize.

We need to hear from you to know what increased or excessive workload issues faculty face!

Please help us know by filling out this 5-minute survey. CFA intends to use this information to learn which issues are important to our members so we can focus our attention on addressing them.

Please only fill out what you are comfortable telling us.


What areas of increased or excessive workload concern you?
Please identify your top 5 workload concerns from above
Optional demographic information

We invite you to share demographic information to help us understand the impact of workload on people of varying identities


Your participation is appreciated.

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