2014/15 State Budget adopted: What’s in it for the CSU?

California’s 2014/15 State Budget was adopted by the California State Legislature on Sunday and, as of this writing, it awaited the governor’s signature. When it is signed, which observers consider a certainty, it goes into effect on July 1.

Funding for the California State University was increased in accordance with the plan proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown in January—a 5 percent increase over the previous year amounting to $142.2 million more for the CSU.

There also is the possibility of an additional $50 million for campus deferred-maintenance projects. This money will be provided to the CSU only if the revenues projected by the state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office actually come through.

A second $50 million is “innovation” grant money for which the CSU, UC and Community Colleges are to compete. Any program that can mitigate long times to graduation or yield more graduates in total is eligible to seek this money.

The budget places an 18-month moratorium, through the start of 2016, on campus-based student fees. Meantime, the CSU Chancellor is to review how campuses adopt fees and to report back to the legislature on possible improvements.

And, the budget increased Cal Grant B stipends by 12% while postponing Cal Grant cuts by a year.