CFA Chapter leader encourages faculty to not back down

Faculty are being encouraged to not let administrators’ scare tactics hamper their right to discuss and answer questions regarding the upcoming strike with students.

As Sheila R. Tully, CFA Chapter President at San Francisco State, wrote to her colleagues, “management cannot tell faculty what we can and cannot say in our classrooms.”

As educators, we have every right – and indeed obligation – to answer students’ questions and facilitate discussions of issues affecting their education. Both HEERA and Article 6 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement protect CFA members from reprisal for union activities including the work we’re doing to prepare for the strike.  Additionally, CFA members enjoy many constitutional rights including the right to free speech and freedom of assembly. Our Collective Bargaining Agreement guarantees members an enforceable right to be free from reprisal for participation in CFA activities…”

The resounding strike authorization vote of 94.4% by faculty throughout the CSU indicates that the vast majority of faculty will participate in the strike. We fully expect that classes will be canceled and that faculty will walk the picket line. This strike will not harm students’ ability to complete the spring semester or to graduate.

The Chancellor’s suggestion that faculty would compel students to take a particular position, walk picket lines, or require any other strike-related activity is an insult to the integrity and professionalism of faculty. However, this attitude is consistent with the Chancellor’s disrespect of faculty at the bargaining table with his insulting offer of 2% for year two of our contract.