CFA Chapter Presidents tackle CSU management in local, student media

CFA Chapter Presidents have been taking the Fight for Five to local and student media in recent weeks as a way to help educate the community about the need for CSU management to invest in faculty salaries.

On Monday, the San Jose Mercury News featured an editorial written for the paper by Preston Rudy, CFA Chapter President at San Jose State.

“[Chancellor] White views the CSUs as businesses that provide educational services. In his mind, CSU exists primarily to manage money and raise it from private sources,” Preston writes. “Brookings (Institution) found that the lowest 20th percentile of households in San Jose earned up to $36,120 annually in 2014. Half the faculty at San Jose State are in, or near, this 20th percentile. Not only is CSU underpaying its faculty, but it is acting like Amazon, Walmart and fast food companies by hiring many employees on part-time contracts — half of the instructors at SJSU. In fall 2015 the median income for SJSU faculty was $39,319 per year. The most highly educated members of the work force are falling out of the middle class.”

Diane Blair, CFA Chapter President at Fresno State, wrote to students Jan. 31 in a letter to The Collegian, stating “In the end we believe we must stand up for ourselves and for the importance of our role protecting the university’s core mission. We think this is an important lesson for our students, too. There is a point when people must say, this has to be fixed, and we will not give up until it is fixed.”