CFA makes CSU Trustees, Chancellor ‘See Red’ with union song

Chancellor White and CSU Trustees got an earful as CFA members and staff sang the famous union song “Which side are you on?” during the board meeting Tuesday. 

Professors David Bradfield, Cecil Canton, DD Wills and CFA Staffer Iris Smith shared solo parts while faculty in the crowd echoed the chorus.

“We’re tired of false compassion; we’re tired of your lies. The faculty, staff and students are very organized…We’re sending you this message; we hope it’s loud and clear. A storm is coming, and a strike is very near.”

The powerful message had some CSU management rattled. Collective Bargaining Committee Chair Lupe Garcia forgot to call for a vote on approval of a contract with the State Employees Trades Council-United because she “got distracted by the music.”

The CFA soloists and chorus continued singing as they exited the auditorium.

CFA President Jennifer Eagan told CSU Trustees before the unusual presentation that she, along with faculty, are fed up with the Chancellor’s disrespect of our work.

“Faculty were hopeful that your Chancellorship would signal a real change from the Charlie Reed era. Instead, though you say nicer things about students and faculty, your actions cannot possibly make us think that you are sincere,” Eagan said. “You sound like you’re on our side—the side of faculty, staff, students, and our families, but your actions undercut your rhetoric.”