CFA reaches tentative agreement on contract extension, salary increases with CSU management

CFA’s Board of Directors has voted unanimously to send a tentative agreement between CFA and CSU management to extend the current contract two years—with salary increases for all faculty—to CFA members for a ratification vote.

The tentative agreement, which would extend the current contract through June 30, 2020, provides for a 3.5% General Salary Increase (GSI) effective Nov. 1, 2018 for all faculty on active pay status or on leave, and a 2.5% GSI effective July 1, 2019 for all faculty on active pay status or on leave.

The tentative agreement also would maintain benefits with current contract language, including healthcare, pension, retiree healthcare, and even parking. Faculty can learn more at on-campus meetings hosted by CFA Chapters.

Other provisions covered by the tentative agreement include extending the reduction in instructional assignment for new probationary faculty, extending assigned time for exceptional levels of service to students, and agreement that CFA and CSU management will form joint working groups to consider changes to contract provisions on Intellectual Property and Academic Freedom, and review of salary structure issues.

The tentative agreement is the culmination of laudable work by the CFA Bargaining Team on behalf of all Unit 3 faculty.

“This is a big win for us as a union, and for our members who are working hard to provide the best education for our students,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan. “We are living in a politically charged, divisive time both in our country and on our campuses. Hatred and racism have formed chasms in our communities.”

“This is a time to forge labor peace so that we can come together as a university system and push back against those who wish to dismantle quality higher education, and fight together to secure much-needed state funding for the CSU. This isn’t about not wanting to fight—it’s about wanting to fight for the right things, at the right time, together.”

Click here to read more about the tentative agreement, including answers to frequently asked questions and to see the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) covering the contract extension.

The tentative agreement must be ratified by both CFA members and CSU Trustees. Only CFA members can participate in a ratification vote. If you aren’t a member, join today.

CFA Chapters also are hosting informational meetings about the tentative agreements on campuses throughout the state. Click here to see a list of meetings by campus chapters.