‘Climate’ problems at CSU San Bernardino

The findings of a survey of the mood on campus has uncovered bullying and an intimidating work environment, particularly against staff members, and a severe lack of cooperation with faculty governance.

The second of two reports on the findings, both of which are posted on the campus Academic Senate web page, includes significant staff and administrative personnel responses to the survey.

In a Riverside Press Enterprise report, Academic Senate president Ted Ruml said, “It’s a seriously negative report.”

The conflict was lit last year when campus President Tomás Morales fired the provost, who was well regarded by faculty. Other administrators also were fired and Morales brought in high-level managers who were not from academia, suggesting a shift toward corporatization of the campus.

San Bernardino CFA Chapter President Marcia Marx said,

“It is sad that the climate turned so low that faculty feel they have no voice and staff fear retribution for speaking up. It wasn’t like this before. Although, I must say that gains in campus equity pay, CFA’s Fight for Five, and our improved contract has boosted the mood among faculty somewhat.”

Since release of the survey, Morales, who is in his third year as campus president, has said he was saddened by the findings and promised to investigate allegations of hostile work place.

A volunteer committee of faculty skilled in survey methods and other staff and faculty designed the survey and analyzed the data. The survey was implemented by an independent third party. The CSU Chancellor’s Office chose not to assist.