Faculty in Action! Campaigning for Prop 55, CFA-endorsed candidates

September 10 was a national day of action for unions supporting initiatives and candidates on the November 8 election ballot, and CFA turned out big.

Hundreds of faculty members made calls and walked precincts all over California.

CFA members realize that the future prospects for the California State University will be affected by the outcome of this election, particularly the outcome of the vote on Proposition 55, which would free up money in the state’s General Fund for many needs, which include the CSU and other vital services.

If we don’t wage the “Fight for 55,” and Prop. 55 fails, the CSU could suffer a $250 million loss to its base budget.

CSU faculty also walked door to door to talk with voters about legislative candidates CFA has endorsed as supporters of public higher education.


There are two ways you can get in on the action:

  1. Go to “Take Political Action” on the CFA web site to get in touch
  2. Contact your campus CFA Chapter
PHOTO: The San Bernardino CFA Chapter held a campaign phone bank to inform other faculty members about the importance of Prop 55 to the California State University. Photos by Beka Langen.