Faculty preparing to strike in April

Following the announcement last week of strike dates—April 13-15 and April 18-19,—faculty on CSU campuses began to hold “Strike Schools” and meetings to prepare, just in case a settlement is not reached.

John Griffin, CFA Chapter President at Channel Islands, described such a meeting at his campus on Tuesday.

“We had a great meeting with lots of thoughtful questions,” he said. “There was a positive, enthusiastic feeling in the room that we can do this and members shared many ideas about how to make it successful specifically on our campus, which reminded me that every campus is unique. 

Griffin added, “We anticipate that CSU management will try to discourage us and we will respond in a timely fashion to false rumors. We won’t be deterred by attempts at intimidation. We are not backing down.”

CFA President Jennifer Eagan has been hearing from large numbers of faculty throughout the CSU system: “I have been overwhelmed by the support of the CSU faculty for the CFA Board of Directors’ decision to conduct a 5-day strike on all 23 campuses.”

She said, “They know that all campuses going on strike at the same time sends a powerful message to CSU management that the we, the faculty, stand in solidarity with one another, with students, and with all Californians.

“Of course, faculty would rather avert a strike. But, across the system, faculty also know that it’s time to stand up for themselves, to be repaid for past sacrifices from which we have yet to recover, and to restore some dignity to our colleagues. Faculty are really fired up and ready to go,” Eagan said.

Faculty members should watch for messages from your CFA Chapter about meetings and Strike Schools that you can attend.

You also can contact your CFA Chapter (find contact info on the CFA web site) to learn about preparations on your campus and how you can help.

PHOTO: Faculty wore red, saw red, and exclaimed the Fight for Five at the latest Forum by Chancellor White at CSU Fullerton on Tuesday. Next, Chancellor Forum at Pomona on Thursday.