Newly posted: FAQ on bargaining & possible faculty strike

As most of you know by now, we are currently waiting for the completion of fact-finding, the last phase in the bargaining process required by statute. Should the fact-finding process not yield a fair settlement, we will have the legal right to call a strike.

In preparing for that possibility, we want to ensure that faculty members understand the issues in this dispute as well as our rights and responsibilities under state labor law.

To get started, CFA has posted “FAQ: Bargaining & Possible Strike” on the Fight for Five page on the CFA web site.

We hope you will review it carefully.

Even as we prepare for strike, we continue to hope that the chancellor will finally understand how committed we all are to the Fight for Five plus an SSI. A fair settlement is best for the university, our students and our families.

We don’t want to strike—but we will.