In Other News

CFA LEADER INDUCTED INTO HALL OF FAME: CFA Assembly Delegate Isidro Ortíz was honored by his alma mater last week when he was inducted into Stanford University’s Multicultural Alumni Hall of Fame. The honor, begun in 1995, recognizes exceptional success in education and contributions to community and society. Ortíz, who is a professor in the Dept. of Chicana and Chicano Studies at San Diego State, was the top nominee this year for his teaching, research and mentoring of students.

LONG BEACH CFA CHAPTER SUPPORTS MEASURE WW TO PROTECT HOTEL HOUSEKEEPERS: Measure WW on the Long Beach City ballot would protect hotel workers from sexual harassment, abuse and assault by requiring panic buttons, timely notification when registered sex-offenders stay at the hotels where they work, and other workplace protections.

Gary Hytrek, the Long Beach CFA Chapter’s Political Action Chair, says “Measure WW empowers working women and puts Long Beach on the right side of history. The people of Long Beach must stand up for justice; physical and sexual abuse have no place in our city.”

CSU Long Beach student Ruby Pacheco, whose own mother was disabled doing manual work, learned about Measure WW through a class assignment. “Now that I know what measure WW would do for working women, I just have to support it,” Pacheco says. “Everyday I canvass I’m doing it for women like my mother and their children.”

Learn more about the bill, read about the Long Beach CFA Chapter’s endorsement of WW, and click here to connect with opportunities to canvass for it.