Report instances of hate speech, crimes online

While CFA is hopeful the Spring 2017 term will not include hate speech or hate crimes on CSU campuses, our union remains committed to support and to defend all those in the CSU, and to help protect our university campuses from hate-filled rhetoric that divides and causes harm.

To gather information about instances of hate speech and hate crimes on campus, CFA has created an online form for the use of faculty, staff, students and others in our campus communities.

Information gathered on this site may be used by CFA to research trends or activity.

The online form is not intended to replace or dissuade reports to law enforcement and/or campus administrators who are charged with protecting campus community members and making the CSU free from discrimination and harassment. Criminal acts should be reported campus police and/or other law enforcement agencies.

Find contact information for campus law enforcement here.

If you observe something and want to notify CFA, please contact us using the form available here.