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As the state’s commitment of funding to the CSU declined, the pressure to shift the cost to students increased.

This long-term trend to what is commonly known as “privatization” of our public university, slowed with the moratorium on tuition increases imposed in California’s public higher education system six years ago.

That moratorium ends June 30 at the close of this academic year and the CSU Trustees, at this moment, intend to vote at their March 21-22 meeting for a 5 percent ($270) increase that would go into effect in July. CFA will be at the meeting supporting students in their efforts to prevent this increase.

Meanwhile, we enthusiastically support a bill, AB 393: The Student Protection Act, that would prevent the Trustees from imposing new tuition increases through June 30, 2020.

You can help by asking your state Assemblymember and Senator to co-author the bill alongside Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (AD65).

“AB 393 is part of a larger effort to protect students,” explains CFA President Jennifer Eagan. She points out it is a step along the way to restore the funding California’s public higher education system needs.

“We need to stop tuition increases now while we work with others who agree with us on the need to get back to free public higher education for all Californians,” Eagan says.

She adds, “We cannot and will not solve the funding of public higher education on the backs of students and their families.”