Why Now?
Your “Pledge to Strike” is a stand taken with colleagues and supporters of faculty

CFA chapters are asking faculty members on all 23 campuses to signing a “Pledge to Strike,” in the event a strike is necessary starting April 13.

Why now? Why a pledge?

For years, we in the CSU faculty have suffered from stagnant salaries, done more with less, and sacrificed for the good of the CSU system. So why go on strike this spring?

In 2008, 2009, and 2011 salary increases were zero. In 2010, we lost 10% of our pay due to furloughs.  Pay raises have persistently lagged inflation so our purchasing power is behind what we had 10 years ago.

This year, 5% is fair, and would begin to restore faculty salaries.

As we all know too well, our earnings as CSU faculty have not kept pace with that of our UC and community college colleagues.

Why is it that those of us who teach in “The People’s University”— with the largest number of students of color, first-generation, and low-income university students in the country — are treated with such contempt?

The truth here too is simple: By failing to invest in its faculty, CSU management is failing to invest in its students.

We must stand up for our students, our families, and the future of the CSU. Commit to strike today.

The Pledge includes preparation for ways you can participate during the five days.

Other unions, allies and community supporters who want to lend help during the strike, please let us know you’ll be there!