CFA Headlines • May 13, 2015

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CFA to speak out on faculty salary at CSU Trustees meeting Tuesday

MAY 2015—At a meeting on Tuesday (May 19), the CSU Trustees Committee on Collective Bargaining will take up re-opener negotiations on the faculty contract.

The talks will address salary in the second year of the contract, as well as benefits for faculty who teach in Extended Education.

Incoming CFA President Jen Eagan and CFA Bargaining Team chair Kevin Wehr, among others, will address the Trustees. Faculty are expected to fill the auditorium in the Chancellor’s Office.


CFA’s 4th Race to the Bottom paper goes public Tuesday, May 19

In connection with the CSU Trustees meeting next Tuesday, CFA will release the fourth paper in the Race to the Bottom series—“The Price Students Pay


Final week to campaign for pro-labor candidate in May 19 state Senate race

CFA in the Bay Area is turning out to campaign for educator Susan Bonilla, who is running for State Senate in a special election.


Governor to release “May Revise” budget plan for California on Thursday

Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to release his revised budget plan for California this Thursday (May 14). The revision comes in light of an outstanding tax season in which receipts to state coffers are well beyond expectations.

“The CSU has endured years of devastating cuts that not only affect our students but have been a serious setback to California’s future economic prospects,” said Lillian Taiz, CFA President. “It’s time to do better.”


Faculty Rights Tip: Proactive Reappointment Tip for Lecturers & other Faculty in temporary positions

At the end of the academic year, it’s important for Lecturers and temporary counselors, coaches, and librarians to let their department chairs or direct supervisors know that they are available for work in the coming term. While many may already know what to expect in Fall 2015, others may not.

We encourage members to be proactive. Contact whoever assigns courses and other work in your department or equivalent unit, and make a request in writing for work in the upcoming term.  


Links of the Week • May 13, 2015

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